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Cabrales Cheese

Cabrales cheese - Asturias

Introducing Asturias and its renowned blue cheese: Quesu Cabrales, a traditional artisan product which hails from the county of Cabrales in the heart of the Picos de Europa. Made year round from cow’s milk, this tasty cheese is unique in that, whenever available, cow, sheep, and goat’s milks are used in combination to create the characteristic aromas and flavours of Cabrales, one of the best blues in the world.

Traditionally, the villages of Tielve and Sotres are known for their excellent Cabrales Cheese. In recent years, dairies all over the county have begun to make a name for themselves as well.


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Asturian White Bean Stew

Asturian beans - Fabes

If one were to ask which unique dish typifies the region of Asturias, the answer would most certainly be fabada asturiana, Asturian White Bean Stew.

No other regional speciality can equal this sublime dish, the most beloved of a richly complex repertoire belonging to Asturian culinary tradition. This succulent stew, made in every Asturian home, is also proudly served – as well it should be – in every bar, restaurant and cider house of this lovely region.


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Welcome to Gastronomy in Green Spain

Gastronomy in Green Spain

In this blog we will show you the aromas and flavors of Asturias, we are sure you will want to come to Asturias to experience the delicious dishes that we will present you.